Touch N Brush - Set of 2

Touch N Brush - Set of 2

Now, "Touch N Brush" i(Set of 2) s the revolutionary new hands-free toothpaste dispenser that works with just one touch. Its the great new way to dispense the perfect amount of toothpaste everytime. Just a gentle touch of the pump arm with the brush and a nice neat strip of toothpaste comes out instantly. Featuring Vacuum Force Technology that cleanly squeezes every available drop of toothpaste, "Touch N Brush" works with virtually any size toothpaste tube and totally eliminates bathroom mess. Uses no batteries or electric, plus its incredibly easy to set up and refill! Whats more, it looks great! No more messy sinks, no cleaning up after the kids or fighting over the last drop of toothpaste. Includes bonus Battery Operated Toothbrush. Each Toothbrush requires 2AA Batteries not included ...Read more


  • One Touch Instant Toothpaste (Set of 2)
  • Includes 2 Dispensers and 2 Battery Operated Tooth Brushes
  • Easy to Set Up and Easy to Refill: For Mulitple Bathrooms
  • Eliminate Messy, Sticky Bathroom Sinks Forever!
  • Use Every Drop Of Toothpaste
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Touch N Brush - Set of 2

Touch N Brush - Set of 2

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Touch N Brush

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Touch N Brush - Set of 2

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Touch N Brush - Set of 2

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